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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hi. I'm Mitch. I am 10 years old. I will introduce you to my theories of quantum gravity. The theory of quantum gravity itself would unite the two rival theories of the twentieth century: Einstein relativity and quantum mechanics. Normally these two theories wouldn't work together, but scientists are hypothesizing how they could unite them. It is important to stick to quantum gravity, because if we don't, we would have to abandon the Standard Model, which is the model of particles in the world of physics. Whether you are bona-fide particle physicist or an amateur snooping around, the only requirement is a curiosity about the world around you. Enjoy!


  1. Mitchell,

    Congratulations on your first blog! We love it!

    Mom & Dad

  2. Wow. You are a very insightful 10 year old, Mitch. I like your ideas around your brother and ghost universes. The flip side to this, could be that your parents should also have an infinite number of ghost universes where his excuses don't work, right?

    I like theoretical physics too and Through the Wormhole is AWESOME! Keep blogging!