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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Theory #1: Neutrino Universes

Every single particle in the universe has an infinite number of quantum states made from neutrinos ( will be explained later). The universal superorganism, which is where all the planets, stars, and other cosmic objects act as one huge organism plays a key part in this theory. It’s quantum computer, or “brain” calculates which state is made of matter and not neutrinos. For example, while I am sitting cross-legged typing away at this computer, some quantum states of me (made of neutrinos) could be me standing here, me typing with my legs un-crossed, or me sitting on the couch next to the computer petting my cat. This is totally possible considering that the universe’s “quantum computer” can calculate 10 to the power of 106 calculations every second, or 10 times itself 106 times. These “ghost states”, as I call them are like a giant pad of paper. You take our universe, erase what you want and then draw something new. The only catch is, you can only draw with neutrinos. Neutrinos could also be what dark matter is made of, but we’re not sure yet. Now I will tell you some properties neutrinos so you can see why I think these ghost states are made from them.
Properties of Neutrinos:
  • The only force of the Four Fundamental Forces they are bound to is the weak force (the force that binds small particles together).
  • They are the only known particle that can escape the collapse phase of a supernova (the time when a star blows up).
  • Supernovas disperse 99% of their energy in a single short 10-second burst of neutrinos.
  • It is the fermion ( a particle with a half-integral spin) with the lowest mass, weighing almost nothing at all.
  • It travels at nearly the speed of light
How I Thought of this Theory:
It was 10:30 the night before last; I was wide awake as usual. I had watched Through the Wormhole (it is an amazing show for you physics lovers out there) which inspired me with new ideas. I was thinking about how my younger brother uses delay tactics before bed (“I have to go pee” or “I didn’t get to say good night to Daddy”) when I realized all his excuses could be like an infinite number of “ghost universes” (after all, he has an infinite number of excuses).

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