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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Theory #2: "The Big Bounce"

The universe could be one big wave. If the multiverse (all the universes in a collective bundle) could emit waves, then maybe it’s “waves” are all these universes. If collision happened between two universes in the multiverse, then it would make a universe with characteristics based on how the two “parent” universes collided and the properties of the two parent universes. It would be like a chemical reaction: “Mix this with this and you get this”. For instance, our universe is rich with iron and oxygen, so a dark, solid universe filled with iron along with a buoyant, gaseous universe filled with oxygen could have bumped against each other, spawning the creation of our universe. If something like this did indeed happen, that would explain why our world has the perfect conditions for life to thrive, because it is also the perfect distance from the sun. Then we could call this theory “The Big Bounce”. Now I will share with you some of the chemical properties of our world, Earth so you can see why our planet is fine-tuned for life.
Chemical Composition of Earth:
  • iron (32.1%) 
  • oxygen (30.1%)
  • silicon (15.1%)
  • magnesium (13.9%)
  • sulfur (2.9%)
  • nickel (1.8%)
  • calcium (1.5%)
  • aluminum (1.4%)
The rest of the 1.2% is made from other chemicals like silica, alumina, and lime, to name a couple.
How I Thought of this Theory:
I was thinking about what to post when my nail accidentally scratched against the mousepad. I then thought “how could I make a theory about the universe being made that has to do with scratching?...”. Then I realized it. The mousepad and my nail were like two seperate universes, bonding together to make a universe that is a bit of fabric with a piece of nail embedded in it. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt at all when I scratched my nail. And by the way, Through the Wormhole (again, a very awesome show) is narrated by Morgan Freeman.

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