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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Theory #6: Quantum Phenomena Magnification

I think that in some universes quantum phenomena is magnified (or made smaller). Quantum particles behave by being one place at one moment and being somewhere different the next. An example of quantum phenomena being magnified would be if a whole group of electrons instead of one electron moved to the same place at the same time at the same velocity (velocity is essentially a fancy physics term for speed [although it is a little different] ). For instance, earlier this week I was doing my weekly golf lesson with my  brother and my golf teacher, John Saraceno, who is a GREAT golf teacher. We were practicing putting and he said "You can't get a hole in 0, because you have to hit the ball at least once to get it in the hole, so the lowest and best score you can get is one.". But then I say "What if the golf ball behaves like a quantum particle, where you put it on the tee, and it spontaneously appears in the hole?". John laughs. My point is that in some universes quantum effects are magnified, where instead of one quantum particle moving a whole HUMUNGOUS bunch moves at the same time, place and velocity. Then the golf ball thing could happen. And others might even move whole houses or cities! I have included some facts about the behavior of quantum particles:
Facts About the Behavior of Quantum Particles:
  • Quantum particles can be either waves behave as either waves or particles (so I guess I shouldn't refer to quantum particles as particles. This is called wave-particle duality.
  • You can never know the momentum AND the position of a particle at the same moment in time. This is is called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
  • The behavior of quantum particles is almost completely random.
How I Thought of this Theory:
I thought of this theory after my golf lesson with John and started contemplating what I could make of my golf ball remark. And by the way, I'm still anxious for the Higgs boson to be found soon!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Special #1: Why the Terminator Couldn't Happen

Movies like The Terminator saga could never happen. The reason is because time is like an infinitely big sheet of paper, where the events in the past, present and future are like marks from a pen. These events cannot be erased because they are in pen, not pencil. Although there could be other quantum realities of the same universe, one reality stays the same because it is one reality and its quantum states are seperate. In the Terminator, on August 29, 2029, the war of the machines starts. The  war is between the machines and the Resistance, an army of survivors from Judgement Day, when a nuclear explosion occurs, leaving almost none of the population alive. Skynet, the computer system that leads the machines, calculates the fate of the humans in fractions of a second: They must be terminated. Thus the war of the machines starts. In T2, a good terminator, a Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4, protecting 10-year-old John Connor (the future leader in the war of the machines), with his mother Sarah Connor, in 1984, go and try to destroy Cyberdyne Systems (where Skynet is created), Picking up Miles Dyson (the future creator of Skynet) along the way. In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,  after the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems, the US Air Force takes over the Skynet project. Whoa,  let’s rewind for a moment. If events in time are like pen marks, how could you stop an event like the creation of Skynet at Cyberdyne Systems when you know for a fact it happens  in the future? Change the course of time, obviously. But because these events are “in-erasable” the fact that Skynet even gets changed to an Air Force project is impossible. In an alternate universe sure, but not in the same reality. If the creation of Skynet at Cyberdyne Systems represents a squiggle mark on the paper and the creation of Skynet at the Us Air force a dot mark, then on the piece of paper there’s a squiggle, it means that it won’t be erased. You can have the biggest, fattest, and best eraser in the world and it wouldn’t erase a pen mark, so therefore you can’t change the squiggle into a dot (And no, there is no physical representation for Wite-Out correction fluid. Ha ha. Really, can you not think of ways to wipe away the pen mark so you can get the point of this lecture?). If all the different quantum realities of a universe (I discuss quantum states of a universe in  Theory #1: Neutrino Universes) represent a stack of paper with it having an infinite amount of sheets, then another sheet could have a dot in the same exact spot that another sheet has a squiggle, but the dot and squiggle can’t coexist on one sheet of paper. That is why movies  like this could never happen.