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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Theory #6: Quantum Phenomena Magnification

I think that in some universes quantum phenomena is magnified (or made smaller). Quantum particles behave by being one place at one moment and being somewhere different the next. An example of quantum phenomena being magnified would be if a whole group of electrons instead of one electron moved to the same place at the same time at the same velocity (velocity is essentially a fancy physics term for speed [although it is a little different] ). For instance, earlier this week I was doing my weekly golf lesson with my  brother and my golf teacher, John Saraceno, who is a GREAT golf teacher. We were practicing putting and he said "You can't get a hole in 0, because you have to hit the ball at least once to get it in the hole, so the lowest and best score you can get is one.". But then I say "What if the golf ball behaves like a quantum particle, where you put it on the tee, and it spontaneously appears in the hole?". John laughs. My point is that in some universes quantum effects are magnified, where instead of one quantum particle moving a whole HUMUNGOUS bunch moves at the same time, place and velocity. Then the golf ball thing could happen. And others might even move whole houses or cities! I have included some facts about the behavior of quantum particles:
Facts About the Behavior of Quantum Particles:
  • Quantum particles can be either waves behave as either waves or particles (so I guess I shouldn't refer to quantum particles as particles. This is called wave-particle duality.
  • You can never know the momentum AND the position of a particle at the same moment in time. This is is called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
  • The behavior of quantum particles is almost completely random.
How I Thought of this Theory:
I thought of this theory after my golf lesson with John and started contemplating what I could make of my golf ball remark. And by the way, I'm still anxious for the Higgs boson to be found soon!

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