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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Quantum Mechanics Presentation to My School

For anyone who has read my posts here, or might be interested, here is a presentation I gave to my school last week about quantum mechanics. The first video is the presentation itself, and the second is the question-and-answer portion. (Also, I have another new entry below this one.)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Special #2: Time Paradoxes and Tachyons

First of all, I’m so sorry I haven’t updated my blog since YIKES!!! A MONTH AGO!!! I’ve been really busy with activities and I haven’t gotten the chance to update my blog for 33 days! But if we want to cut to the chase here, then we should get focused. There is a theoretical particle that just may exist, and, if it did, it could make time travel possible. This particle is called the tachyon. It is superluminal, which means it’s faster then light. Because it’s faster than light, we can’t see it, because by the time light waves reflect off a tachyon and make contact with our retinas, it will be LONG gone. The tachyon gets faster as it loses energy. Consequently, as the tachyon gains energy it slows down. The tachyon could make time travel possible because light is directly connected with time, and tachyons are way faster than light. If we could somehow harness these possibly real particles than we could travel anywhere in the future. If we could find out about the anti-particle of the tachyon then we could go back in time. I realized this because as Richard Feynman said that the anti-particle (meaning a mirror image of the particle; the only difference is the charge of the particle; an evil twin if you wish) of a proton traveling forwards is like a regular proton traveling backward in time. A proton and a positron (the proton’s anti-particle) have all the exact same properties except one has a positive charge and the other has a negative. Time can be a very tricky thing that, if you do the wrong thing when you’re a time traveler, you could destroy time itself. These incidents are called paradoxes. Scientists can’t figure out what would happen in a paradox because paradoxes are really confusing. For instance, the Granny Paradox says that if you went back in time and killed your own grandmother before your mother or father were born then you’d never be born so you couldn’t kill your grandma which means you were born so you can kill your own grandma. In a Captain Underpants book that’s at my house there’s a paradox mentioned called the Banana Cream Pie Paradox. Here’s how it goes:
A scientist from the future makes a banana cream pie with bananas harvested from his own tree and goes back in time with his pie. Then the scientist accidentally trips and smushes his pie into the face of an innocent lady. The lady gets mad, so she scrapes off some goo off her face and lobs it at the scientist...who ducks. The gooey projectile then beans the face of gentleman. Next, a waitress laughs at the gentleman, who smushes the goo into her face. The waitress then tells the man she feels really insulted when another man laughs at the her, who gets pushed by a third man telling him to mind his own business. The man who got pushed trips over the banana sapling that would grow up to be the very banana tree the time traveler had made his pie out of, breaking the sapling in half. If the sapling broke before it became a tree, then it could never have produced bananas that made the pie that caused the whole incident. So, does the pie exist or not exist? Frankly, I don’t think it’s worth traveling through time just so you can literally kill time and destroy the universe.